Hi there!

I'm Ibnu Sofian Firdaus, Ibnu for short. Software Engineer from Indonesia.

I graduated from Universitas Indonesia with Major in Computer Science

Currently I'm employed as Software Engineer at Mekari

My Journey

Throughout my career I have worked at several type of companies. such as ride-hailing at Gojek, SaaS supply chain management at Advotics, e-commerce at Tokopedia, and currently at Mekari, an SaaS company providing business platform solution.

My professional journey in the field began at Gojek where I was interned there as Data Scientist in my summer break, where I mainly experimented with Genetic Algorithm in searching optimal model parameter. I probably now forgot like 90% of DS knowledge I gained there because it was the last time I went into data science, but it was a good first real work experience, memorable one too.

During my final semester (where I only took one mandatory course and a thesis). My friend referred me to work at Advotics as Software Engineer, and so I joined and was assigned to Identity team, which handled all thing related to user, account, role, etc. where I build User Management Module providing self-service to company admins to manage their employee/agents that are in the service.
Then I got reassigned into Dispatch team where I co-developed Delivery Planning System, a tool to generate planning for distributor to deliver and distribute their cargo to retail. Then the contract was ended and I went to Tokopedia.

At Tokopedia, I joined Promo Core team which handled pretty much anything about promo, from configuration, calculation, validation, and benefit disbursement. My proudest project there was to enable multi-currency system in promo configuration, allowing business unit to create promo with flexible currency option such as OVO Point, Tokopoints, and even Gopay Coins now! I clearly have no idea what point/coin will be put there in the future.
Then around June my team got branched out and I joined Promo Automation team. Developed modernized and automated promo coupon distribution using segment-based data, machine learning, and more cool stuff, resulting in shorter distribution pipeline and more well-targeted promo benefits given to customers. Here I'm responsible for designing the architecture, implement and integrating backend flow with relevant parties. And I also developed it's Internal Tools, a web-based interface used to configure such sophisticated pipeline.

As of now I'm working at Mekari, under Klikpajak product. Mainly responsible in developing Ebilling, tax payment system. So far I have helped built mechanism to support bulk ebilling creation and payment.

What's going on now

I'm currently enjoying my career as Software Engineer and wish that I will learn and grow into more experienced one for years to come. I also try to reach out to forums, colleagues, or event learning materials to learn anything about Software Engineer, and I've realized I still know pretty much little about this industry. But I'm pretty sure I will get there eventually.

Reach me

Feel free to reach and connect with me at Linkedin and Github.