October 20, 2021

Hello friend

"God, that's always been lame, hasn't it? Sorry I never came up with a better name for you."

~ Elliot in Mr. Robot

Welcome to my website. It's always has been one of my checklists to build a personal website that will also act as a portfolio, but it never came to any realization, until now. This website is built based on existing open-sourced template here. It uses Next.JS and React, while each post are written in MDX format.


You are probably wondering, why Skipman ? I've used it as my gamertag on Steam and many more places. Also, it's just kinda cool to use some nickname rather than plain name as website address, more catchy. But there's also a story behind that name.

So back in college. There's a common term for not catching much learning in the class, and it just feels like 2 hours or so just passed in a blink, it's called Skip. People at my faculty would just said 'idk man, that session before? skip.', 'how about your exam? heh, skip.' you get the point.

And just you know, while I'm a decent student, able to learn and do assignment pretty well, I'm also forget things at even faster rate. So I need to lookup to my notes again here and then. It's rather common for me to understand what being taught in the class and when it ends, it feels like all knowledge has turn into steam and went up gone. Hence, skip. And it sticks to me since then.

What this website will be

I will build this website as my living portfolio, so it will evolve over the time as I learn more and have things to add here. It will contain descriptions and history about my profession in software engineering, in a more detailed and blog-like writings, unlike resume or Linkedin profile. I've always wanted to write my self-development, both professionaly and personally, as software engineer as my career goes on.

This website will also be my writings' wall. I like to read and discuss topic related to self-development, socials, and more. If there's some itch to write these kind of topic, I will write it here. And just a bit of healthy disclaimer, Whatever I put here are put on my own and do not represent any past and current institution or employer.

So I guess that's it, thanks for reading this far (or skipping through here, won't judge), adios muchachos.